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How to choose an appropriate eye protector?

1. Choose a qualified eye protector tested relative test standards

 Eye protectors, such as sunglasses, googles, safety spectacles, safety googles, are Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against risks of eye injury. Below are known relative test standards for reference:


Sunglasses, fashion spectacles, goggles – cosmetic, fashion, in general use

EN ISO 12312-1 (EU)

ANSI Z80.3 (US)

AS NZS 1667 (AU/NZL)

CNS 15067 (Taiwan)


Safety spectacle and google – educational and professional use:

EN 166 (EU)

ANSI Z87.1 (US)

AS NZS 1337 (AU/NZL)

CNS 7177 (Taiwan)


Military spectacle, goggle and hybrid goggles – provide highest eye protection for soldiers, law enforcement, airsoft players.

MIL-PRF-32432A (US)


2. Frame material

Made with appropriate materials of aspects as follow:

Lightweight – Stress-free fit

Strength - Good chemical (e.g. solvent) resistance and stress-crack resistance

Durability - No deformation under high environmental temperature

Flexibility – High flexural fatigue strength

Safety - Not easily to melt or burn in high temperature

Anti-slip nose and tips – good retention on the face


3.  Fitness

Choose the appropriate size for your face – stress-free, good retention while wearing.

Integration of Human Factor Engineering (HFE) in design and construction – comfortable fitness, lenses not too close or too far from eyes, lower the fatigue and stress of eye, prolong the time of wearing eyewear


4. Lenses

The lenses for outdoor activity and general sports use are best to have below features:

Lightweight, shatterproof material provide appropriate protection against mechanical hazards

Complaint relative test standards of optical requirements of Plano lenses to reduce eye fatigue and stress

Filtering bad influences of sunlight, for instance, UV rays, blue light, sunglare.

Choose appropriate filter category of visible light transmittance, see below table of EN ISO 12312-1:

Lens filter categories.jpg
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