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High-performance wraparound sport sunglasses, full-frame style, with spherical shield lenses. Made of TR90 memory polyester material, it’s durable, flexible and anti-deformation. The patented Fast-and-Easy Changing System allows quick replacement of lenses and bottom frame. It has angular-shape-cutting design to be more sportive and styling. The adjustable nose pads can fit your nose shape and double-injection temples are more comfortable for long term-wearing. Recommended for cycling, running, walking and outdoor.

  • TR90 memory plastic, flexible, lightweight plastic, Green material (optional)
  • Spherical  shield lenses with vents for airflow
  • Removable bottom frame for lens replacement
  • QEF patented Fast-and-Easy switching system for quick replacement of lenses and bottom  frame
  • Adjustable nose pads to fit you nose shape
  • Non-slip double-injection temples
  • Joint links to fasten temples or strap
  • RX optical insert, strap (optional accessory)
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