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Hi-performance wraparound sport sunglasses, semi-frame style, moderate-size temples, with wraparound dual lenses in sporty shape. Made of TR90 memory polyester material, it’s flexible, durable, anti-deformation and high-impact resistant. Its geometric design originated from “Transformers” shows power. Our patented lens fast changing structure allows lenses to be replaced at ease. The nose pads are adjustable to fit your nose shape and the temple ends are bendable to fit your head for long-term wearing. It’s suitable for cycling, running, walking, archery, and outdoors.

  • TR90 memory plastic, flexible, lightweight plastic, Green material (optional)
  • Spherical dual lenses
  • Interchageable lenses
  • Adjustable nose pads to fit your nose shape
  • Adjustable temple ends or double-injection temples for choice
  • Joint links to fasten temples or strap
  • RX optical insert, strap (optional accessories)
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