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High-performance and lightweight sport wraparound sunglasses, frameless style, with popular cylindrical shield lens, big coverage, styling shape, and air vents. Made of TR90 memory polyester material, it is flexible, durable and anti-deformation and high-velocity impact resistant. The nose pads are adjustable to fit your nose shape. Highly customizable top and bottom frames are verstile. They provide extra protection for your face from being cut by the edge of the lens on bumpy roads or accidental collisions.You can remove or install the top/bottom frames to convert the sunglasses in 4 different looks without buying extra pairs of sunglasses/frames. Suitable for mountain biking, cycling, running, walking, and outdoors.

  • TR90 memory plastic, flexible, lightweight plastic or Green material (optional)
  • Spherical shield lens with vents for airflow
  • Highly customizable and removable removable the top and bottom frames
  • Adjustable nose pads to fit your nose shape
  • Adjustable temple ends or double-injection temples for choice
  • Joint links to fasten the temples or strap
  • RX optical insert, strap (optional accessories)
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