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RX able sport wraparound sunglasses, high-performance, full frame style, and with dual lenses. Frame size for big face. Made of TR90 memory polyester material, it’s durable and anti-deformation. Our patented screwless-and-mechanical-structure hinges allows interchanging or removing temples and small side hooks without using tools. The nose pads are adjustable to fit your nose shape. The soft material of double-injection temples are more comfortable for wearing. It’s suitable for cycling, running, walking and outdoors.

  • Lightweight fit provides comfort and flexibility to be free from stress
  • Made with lightweight, durable, strong and flexible materials
  • Adjustable nose and tips to fit perfectively on your face
  • Big eye orbit coverage to protect eye against wind, sand and discomfort sunglare hazards
  • Interchangeable lenses
  • All lenses provides 100% protection against sunlight UV rays
  • Idea PPE to improve sports performance and the quality of lifestyle
  • Optional accessories: RX insert
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