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Performance sport wraparound sunglasses, frameless style, with spherical shield lens. The slim-frame style combines a simple-line frame and the tapered mid-arms with wavy tips that gives a sense of a steady stream of power towards the goal. The optional temple of rod-shaped design has smooth and straight lines without redundant lines. Highly customizable top and bottom frames are versatile. They convert the frameless style into 4 different looks without buying extra pairs of sunglasses. These frames protect your face from being cut by the edge of the lens when you're riding on bumpy roads or in an accidental crash. The nose pads are adjustable to fit your nose shape. Theses sunglasses are versatile and suitable for cycling, running, walking and outdoors.

  • TR90 memory plastic, flexible, lightweight plastic or Green material (optional)
  • Spherical shield lens with vents for airflow
  • Highly customizable and removable removable the top and bottom frames
  • Removable temples/arms and nose piece for lens replacement
  • Adjustable nose pads to fit your nose shape
  • Adjustable tips or non-slip rubber tips for choice
  • RX optical insert (optional accessory)


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